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Launch of the 2019 Food Policy Index progress update
The 2019 Food Policy Index progress update was launched on the 2nd April 2019 (see media release).
In the first 2 days of the launch, the project generated significant media coverage that reached an audience of up to 2 million. This included:
  • 27 radio broadcast items
  • 10 print items
  • 8 Television items
  • Multiple online media items
A sample of media items are listed below:
Front page overall report - 21 March.JPG
Launch of the 2017 Food Policy Index
The 2017 Food Policy Index was launched on the 20th February 2017 (see media release).
The project generated widespread local and national media, including:
  • Over 60 online media reports
  • Over 130 print and broadcast items
  • Over 500 downloads of the report from the website
A findings brief for the project, titled 'Roadmap to tackle obesity prevention' is available here, prepared by The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre (TAPPC).
A sample of media items are listed below:

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